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Empowering you to put yourself first and flourish.

Learn Self Love, Positive Mindset &


Life & Mindset Coaching


Build Resilience / Take Action / Embrace Life’s Challenges / Career Change / Self Love

A Life Coach professional helps You make progress in life in order to feel more positive, confident and to achieve greater life fulfilment. I help with lifting those limiting beliefs, develop a deeper understanding of yourself and help build your personal power.

Here we spend dedicated time to YOU looking at anything from - goal setting, road blocks, action plans, desires, traumas to resilience building as well as using neuro repatterning techniques, success strategy systems and support system tools.

You may feel You are going through big life changes and You need support and guidance, You may wish to make a career change and don't know how to execute this, You may need a boost of energy to get motivated and feel that purpose in life again.

The coaching process includes Assess, then Action then Achieve! 

The path involves commitment and consistency, working on mindset, nervous system regulation, embodiment through mind and body connection, who you really are and building self foundation blocks, boundary setting and self love.

Clarity, tenacity, resilience, action, aligned and energy are words that describe plans that we use.


Emotional Freedom Technique


Emotional Freedom Technique, Meridian Therapy & Breathwork

Do you have a deep rooted trauma or emotional belief that is holding you back?

Do you desire to build confidence, overcome nerves quickly and be more resilient?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) can be used to relieve tension and anxiety by transform by tapping along meridian lines of the body whilst bringing the thoughts or emotions into consciousness. This allows cognitive restructuring thus reducing the emotional intensity of the emotion and thought. 

EFT is also a very good tool to use daily for wobbles, clearing the mind and focusing such as entering meetings or an interview or when moments can simply overwhelm us.

Meridian Therapy is the combination of tapping (fingers or Meridian tools), gentle circular massage and pressure along meridian lines and acupressure points. This is to help alleviate symptoms such as anxiety, stress, trauma and to assist with helping heal emotionally and physical symptoms/aches and illnesses. 

Meridian Therapy is also extremely relaxing so can also be used as a time to relax and calm your mind and body.

Breathwork is the exercise of changing the rate and depth of breathing to reach different states of calm, relaxation and positive mental state. It can be used to help treat emotional issues, trauma or simply to reduce nerves and provide confidence.

The use of parasympathetic breathing exercises to reach the state of "rest and digest" where the body can reserve energy that can be used later more efficiently and also a state of calm.


Meridian Therapy & Reiki combined session




Reiki, Meditation & Embodiment

Reiki - The use of Life Force Energy to heal and balance the body's energy centres. Used for stress relief, relaxation and positive alignment.

Meditation - The practice of focused concentration, bringing yourself back to the moment. Deeply relaxing, a stress reliever.


Embodiment - Exploring the relationship between our physical being and our energy. It involves the interaction of our body, thoughts, and actions. Effective for vision setting, positive alignment and confidence building.

BE YOU - A combination session of calming breathwork, followed by a guided meditation embodying personal gratitude & future positive self visualisation ending with relaxing reiki.


Children's Reiki (14 years and under) - to help with sleep issues, anxieties or just to be able to teach them a great tool!

I hold a DBS Certificate.​

£30 for 40 minutes

How I work:

Online, In Person, 1:1 & Group Sessions

1:1 Sessions held online or in person (if you are local to Holmfirth) and are 1 hour long.

If you wish to have a longer and/or tailored session, please contact as this can be arranged.

Initial sessions will include a consultation period as well as a taster of the therapy, consecutive sessions will include a brief 'catch up' and commence to the main treatment itself, with moments of pause to allow the work, thoughts, body, sensations to embed and then gentle transition back to a calmer you.

Group sessions for Container Programmes EFT and Breathwork will be held online.

All cancellations within 24 hours of the scheduled session time will be charged at full price. 

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