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Does a longer term commitment suit you better?


3x 1:1 60 Minute sessions
1x PDF Work booklet
1x Breathwork Online session (Group)


Do you Love Yourself? Do You put Yourself first? Do You embrace everything about You?

Do You feel lost or lonely? Do You feel overwhelmed or struggling day to day? Do You have negative self talk?

Do You struggle as a new parent? Do You not realise that You are the most important person in Your life?

If this resonates with you then this container is what you need to help You believe in Yourself, make time for Yourself, be proud of Yourself!

In these sessions we work on promoting self love, positive talk, embodying love, self connection and support systems tailored to You.

You will feel happier, a clearer mind, thriving, a sense of clarity and control and mostly You will LOVE YOU!

The Results You will gain:

  • Excitement for Life and You!

  • Improved mental health, self esteem and confidence!

  • Motivation to achieve the best for You and focus on putting Yourself first!

  • The ability to relax and enjoy ME time guilt free!

  • Greater relationships with others and a greater connection to yourself!

  • Ability to cope with and be successful at juggling life's little curve balls!

  • How to use Breathwork in emotional moments to bring You back to a state of calm!

Deconditioning Process | Self Love | Positive Mindset


6x 1:1 60 Minute sessions
1x PDF Work booklet
1x EFT Online session (Group)


Are You feeling frustrated and stuck? Struggling to cope with life changing events? 

Do You feel the knock backs but want to know how You can keep getting back on Your Feet?

Have a desire to achieve the best You but lack energy, motivation and focus?

Do You want to master life habits to free Your mind for success and creativity?

Is career/self progression a vision but not being acted upon? Are you looking to build confidence, clarity and action?

This course builds the ability to cope well with difficulties in spirit and resilience, learn confidence to take action and embody a positive, constructive mindset. 

In these sessions we focus on clarity, action and strategies to deal quickly with moments where our confidence may dip, which happens to us all. Goal setting in realistic and achievable steps and how to maintain motivation and a calm, relaxed mind.

The results You will gain:

  • Improved life and job satisfaction!

  • Action to pursue new passions!

  • Reduced stress and anxiety!

  • Greater emotional control!

  • An armour of resilience!

  • Improved focus for thinking and improved memory!

  • Ability to tackle life/work challenges/competing deadlines with confidence!

  • How to use EFT to reduce anxiety in stressful situations!

Bullet proof mindset | Building Confidence | Roadmap to success


8x 60 1:1 Minute sessions
1x PDF Work booklet


Are You feeling like You have to constantly perform to your best?

Are You unable to switch off? Do You need more head space?

Are You experiencing wobbles You are not familiar with?

Do You realise that You need additional strategy support systems for You that will enable You to continue to thrive personally and professionally?

An intensive deep dive for those who are driven and ambitious and who want to invest and maintain personal and career performance. Bringing You in line quickly with focus of the mind and energy to achieve goals setting KPIs.

We all experience wobbles, burn out or self doubt at times and this programmes helps you to bring back empowerment, develop and energetically aligned You, creating a thriving personal and professional wellbeing. Tailored sessions depending on your goal.

The results You will gain:

  • Increased job satisfaction and a better work life balance!

  • Razor sharp stress management!

  • Improved memory, creating more thinking space for new concepts and strategic problem solving!

  • Improved Executive presence and integrity!

  • Greater flexibility and communication skills as You have understood Yourself in more depth!

Action | Focus | Support | Strategy | Understand and Empower Your Energy 

Corporate - Workshops, Day Events or Programmes

Online | In person | Group calls

As we are aware Corporate wellbeing is extremely important and all of what I offer can be used to maintain a better work life balance, motivation and focus. These services can be provided by my design or tailored for you.

Please contact to discuss further.

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