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Rebecca Devlin



"Passionate about putting yourself first, giving yourself the skills and investment to achieve your best life. Using tools to reduce anxiety and reinforce a positive mindset"


Life and Mindset Coach

Breathwork facilitator

Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner

Reiki Practitioner

Meridian Therapy

Financial Consultant | Accountant


I have created a shift in my life that has brought me radical positive changes and enabled me to develop and master skills that combined, have given me an amazing foundation and support system for life.

Having a financial background as an Accountant, I worked hard to achieve my qualifications and experienced a demanding career which at times transferred across into my personal life.

This did not promote a passion in me or align with my desires. I began to understand that people needed to alter their mindset, support themselves and delve further into the many new ways we can achieve clarity, take action and achieve goals - the idea of how this can impact on your life and path, fills me with excitement.

It became my dream to build a private cabin for treatments and offer such beautiful and restoring sessions. The joy I have received through the skills I have learnt along the way have empowered me to share and help like minded people. 

What makes me unique is that I draw on a variety of training and qualifications to create an unabridged and integrated portfolio to support You.

Knitting together skills such as resilience, confidence, re-energising, positivity, self love, self strategy, self development and relaxation provides a firm personal foundation. This is done through different modes of work such as discussions and planning in sessions and support systems of Breathwork, EFT, Reiki, Meridian Therapy and Meditation. 

I know it works, as it has done so for Me!

Achieve Positivity, Clarity, Resilience & Self Love

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